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  • September- Spring Irrigating

    Gosh, the work load has definitely ramped up here at the farm. Spring irrigation of winter crops and preparing for the tomato season flushing tapes. It is great to see the worms have been at work in our soils over the autumn winter period. Lex is really having a dog’s life – enjoying the mud and water then lazing on her sun lounge having veranda time in between.  Tony enjoys coming in from the paddock to his choice of a pasta meal from our range which keeps him going til the next water shift.

    Over the winter Andre and Jason have been busy supplying farm plantation firewood in bags to make those cold days much more pleasurable for everyone. We appreciated our pile at home, particularly on those frosty nights. Also, an extra bit of exciting news, Andre has been awarded a Nuffield scholarship. He intends to investigate various uses for our crop residues.

    Tony is having Auntie Rene’s garden vegetable pasta sauce with spaghetti tonight. Pasta is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, which provide a slow release of energy combined with the nutritional value of tomatoes and vegies.  One of Tony’s favourite meals.

  • Warming through Winter

    Well, after having a bit of a break, we are back to making jerky, keeping warm by the fire, and savouring our favourite pasta dishes for the evening meal. Uncle Tony’s pasta sauce has a bit of added warmth in it for all of us to enjoy. Andre and Jason have split some old fence posts of red gum and black box to bring some firewood for you to try for keeping warm on these chilly days, as we do at the farm. We will also be adding to this with our plantation wood of red gum and Occidentalis eucalypt. This August it is planned to plant more trees in our farm plantation when the soil warms up.

    It has been so chilly this winter, first with frosts, then fortunately for our winter crops, we have now received significant rains. Crop emergence was quite patchy, so hopefully spring warmth will help their progress. Durum wheat for the pasta is looking happy though.

    The Winter Warmer vegan jerky which incorporates tomatoes, herbs, walnuts and red wine to give extra strength for managing those cold days (or our busy lifestyles) is almost ready.

    We appreciate your continued support of our farm online and through our various outlets.  We are continuing to gradually add to our range of products between our seasonal farm program.

    Until we chat again,

    Andre and Rowena

  • Winter crops

    More rain – from Thursday 18th to Saturday 20th May another 68 mm of rain. Fortunately, we have sown conventional canola, clover, durum wheat and barley crops in our paddocks following the last rain, however it is very wet now! In the garden garlic, climbing snow peas, radish, silver beet, broccoli, and a green manure crop of oats, peas and beans are in the process of being planted.

    We are trying our first paddock of durum wheat this season and are keen to see how it goes as it has not been grown in our area before. Our hope is to make our pasta with our own grain just as we make our sauce from our tomatoes- totally our farm to your fork in both seasons!

    All of this chilly and wet weather has certainly made making our vegan jerky a more enjoyable task, the dehydrator warms the house nicely. Rowena has even developed a new variety we will be introducing soon and the name is very apt for this time of year- “Winter Warmer” it has red wine and walnut in it and has a stronger, deeper mouth feel than our earlier varieties; we are certainly looking forward to sharing it with you all.

    We hope everyone is staying dry and warm by the fireside and enjoying the indoors for a bit;

    Until next time,

    Warm Regards,

    Rowena & Andre

    clover crop emerging after heavy rain
    durum wheat crop emerging closeup
    sowing lines emerging from durum wheat crop
  • Wild weather and changing seasons

    Hi All,


    Lots of weather changes have happened at the farm lately. Fortunately, we managed to finish our tomato picking season before the heavy rains hit northern Victoria. Rain pounded down loudly on our tin roof with the thunder and lightning causing Lex to hide under the house. The weather has still been warm during the third week of April- almost a tropical feel. It’s an unusual warmth amidst the deluge with an influx of small crickets and mosquitos around the farm. We received 140mm of rain in 3 days, quite a lot when our annual rainfall is only ~300mm.

    The paddocks drained well, but certainly there was still some pumping involved. The heavy wash of water reminds us of how fortunate we are with our soils- you get to see first-hand the red sand washed to the surface amidst the clay. It’s part of the key to the softness and structure of our most valuable asset- our soil

    Now it’s dried out a bit, we have been busily getting ready for the winter cropping season, removing the old tomato vines from paddocks, preparing the seeder and organising our crop rotation. It’s such a balance to ensure our crop rotations produce a crop for us this year, but also continue to improve the soil health for future seasons.

    As we cleared the tomato bushes from the beds there were no further hiding spots for mice in the paddock. A group 12 keen eyed wedgetail eagles circled, then dived on the mice flashing their talons repeatedly with every round. It was a stunning display!

    With all the busy times of the changing seasons, unfortunately we have missed a couple of markets, but we look forward to being back once again; we hope your cupboards haven’t run too bare in our absence!

    Looking forward to seeing you all at a market, or chatting via our “Friend of the Farm” service very soon J


    Andre and Rowena

  • Fresh tomatoes picking ripe off the vine

    Hi All,

    We are right into it! The hectic time of year when we are busy picking tomatoes. Lexie our Labrador tries to help, but we have found she makes a better manager than picker! The heat of our Northern Victorian summer is staying around now at the farm, so the tomatoes are ripening beautifully on the vine in the paddock. The bushes are settling down with their bounty of delicious green and red fruit.

    When we put them in a box they continue to ripen; ensuring they will be ready for you to enjoy in homemade tomato recipes: whether it be a bolognese or garden vegetable pasta sauce, tomato sauce or simply sliced fresh on toast, tomatoes are in season now for you to enjoy.

    This year we have even made our tomatoes available online through our website, with a 5 kg box delivered to your door for $20. We've loved hearing from people all over Australia, how they've enjoyed the fruit both fresh, and in their own cooking creations. It's been great to know that whatever state you're in we can share our produce with you.

    If you live in Victoria keep an eye out on our social media pages (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) to see what markets we will be at each weekend. We are easy to spot, just look out for the red marquee with sauce and tomatoes out the front. If you are looking to organise a big family sauce day and get everyone together for a delicious fun event feel free to contact us to see if we can organise a drop off between markets.

    Well, we better get back to it, we look forward to sharing more news from the farm with you very soon!


    Rowena and Andre

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