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Australian grown tomatoes

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Our “Friend of the Farm” service offers the best value way for us to share our produce with you. For a flat monthly fee we send you a delicious package of sauces and pasta to your door. You can select which flavours or varieties you like; start and stop the service when it suits; and best of all if you recommend a friend and they also sign up- you will receive 10% of their monthly subscription each month.

Eg- If Mrs Jones family decides to sign up for the medium package. She also recommended it to 8 friends. The monthly cost for her 4xsauces, 4xpasta delivered to her door is: $55 per month minus $5/month x 8 friends ($40/month)- So her package only costs $15/month for 4 family meals!

That’s great value shopping, and our way of saying thankyou for sharing our produce with more people.