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Sauce Days

Our tomatoes are great to eat fresh but their history and purpose clearly lies in cooking. The tomatoes we grow are specifically bred variety of roma's great for use in sauces, pastas, chutneys, relishes or any other dish you can care to think of!

What sets our tomatoes apart from ones you may find in a store or supermarket is the fact they are grown and ripened in soil under the heat of the Northern Victorian sun. The difference is a full bodied fruit that is fleshy and flavoursome that when cooked yields more sauce per kilo of fruit than you are likely to find anywhere else. 

What better way to enjoy our fantastic fruit than as a family or community making sauce. It's easy and lots of fun and a great way to bring the whole family or gang together! 

Our family and family friends have for many years enjoyed the benefits of making our own sauce. It's messy and enjoyable and gives a great excuse for grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins and nephews to all come together  catch up and have an activity to share, chat and laugh about until you get to do it all again next year!

The only really essential ingredients to a basic but successful sauce making day are: Tomatoes! Boiling water, jars, a sauce making machine and maybe some salt and basil leaves if you like a little extra garnish! 

A sauce making machine is not as big a purchase as you may think they can range from a small hand operated option (let that grandson prove how strong he is!) to fully electric versions, either will work great depending on how much sauce you wish to make. We have always found Constante Imports in Melbourne to be a great family to deal with. 

If you are looking to organise a large family or community event please feel free to contact us to discuss options for delivery to make sure your day goes off without a hitch.